Skin Care

Customized Facial (60 min)                                   $100 - $120
Very relaxing treatment customized to your skin after a detailed skin analysis. Includes exfoliation, massage and thorough extractions to leave your skin healthy and glowing.

Exfoliating Peel Treatment (60 min)                      $95 - $130
This treatment will help unclog pores, clear acne and rejuvenate the skin. With its blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids and brighteners, it is also an excellent choice for maintaining even pigmentation and correcting pigment discolorations.

Pumpkin Exfoliating Treatment (60 min)               $100
A powerful antioxidant treatment that brightens and rejuvenates the skin. Provides potent skin smoothing and pore clearing action, leaves refined texture and healthy glow.

Galvanic Treatment (75 min)                                   $120
Galvanic facial treatment helps permeate cosmetic concentrates into the skin by using galvanic ions. This treatment pushes the product in to the deeper layers of the skin, "the dermis", helping absorb the applied nourishments and cosmetic ingredients. In addition, skin will be completely cleansed as negative ions force all the dirt and debris held within your pores to the surface. At the same time the positive ions accelerate blood and lymph circulation, carrying excessive fluid away. Thus, sagging eyes and black eye-rims are greatly reduced.

LED Light Therapy Treatment (75 min)                  $150
This treatment uses a panel of high intensity light emitting diodes (LEDs) utilizing specific, proven wavelengths of light that triggers a natural biostimulatory effect in human tissue. Phototherapy increases circulation, accelerates tissue repair, kills acne bacteria, decreases inflammation, improves skin tone, texture and clarity.

Placenta Stem Cell Facial Treatment (75 min)      $150
Placenta Stem Cell Mask and Serum feature a cocktail of unique and highly absorbant active ingredients that enhance hydration and moisture retention. This treament stimulates collagen production, elastin synthesis and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is the ultimate can't-miss indulgence for incredible healthy skin.

Sculpting Facial Massage Treatment                     60min - $120    90min - $150    120min - $200
As we age our blood and lymph circulation slows down. As a result, our skin does not get enough oxygen and nutrients that are carried with blood and toxins start accumulating in the tissue. The skin becomes stagnant. Myofascial massage brings life, vitality and nutrients to the tissue by means of increased circulation. It releases any blockages in the facial muscles, skin and fascia that are preventing optimal circulation of blood and lymph. When the tension is released, deep lines can soften, skin becomes rosy and plump, the facial expression relaxes and skin texture can improve.

Danne Montague-King (DMK) Treatments             $130 - $240   Click here for available Treatment Options

Meder Beauty Science Treatments                         $150 (per treatment) OR $500 (series of four)  Click here for available Treatment Options

** Add Reflexology to any facial                             $50
** Add LED therapy to any facial                            $40
** Add Microcurrent therapy to any facial            $75